Closing the education gap in Latin America

We are a digital learning ecosystem dedicated to closing the education gap in Latin America. Our mission is to empower low- and middle-income educational communities in Latin America through technology and innovation.


Although education is the key to fighting poverty and inequality, we still face a major challenge: in Latin America, 8 out of 10 students suffer from learning poverty. This is a number we cannot ignore.

There is a lot of knowledge about how to improve education. Strategies, methods, ideas... but the big challenge is to bring it all to schools with limited resources.

At Mentu, we believe that quality education is a right for everyone, without exception. And we believe that technology does not have to be an obstacle. On the contrary, it is a powerful tool to bring quality education to those who need it most.

We believe in a future where everyone has access to a quality education. Will you join us on this mission?

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