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Profe explorador



Start discovering your teaching superpowers with Shaia. Ideal for teachers who want to explore Shaia's capabilities and start transforming their teaching.
  • Limited monthly access: Limited number of uses per month, free of charge.
  • Educational Resources: Access to a selection of professional development courses (coming soon) to strengthen your superpowers.



Profes Plus

Coming soon




Maximize your teaching skills with Shaia. Perfect for teachers who want to maximize their use of Shaia.
  • Unlimited monthly access: Get the power to use Shaia without limits.
  • Educational Resources: Take advantage of comprehensive and advanced training courses (coming soon) to enhance your superpowers.



Colegios Vanguardia


Custom designed

Save time and give your teachers educational superpowers. Designed specifically for educational institutions and government agencies looking to integrate a powerful tool.
  • Unlimited institutional access: Unleash the full potential of Shaia with no restrictions on your faculty.
  • Educational customization: Customize Shaia to perfectly match your strategies and pedagogical goals.
  • Specialized training: Provide exclusive training to teachers and administrators to maximize their educational impact with Shaia.
  • Analytical tools: Use advanced data collection and analysis tools in the classroom (coming soon).