We are a digital learning laboratory

We like to combine the agile methods of the digital world with the rigor of the learning sciences. We test, measure, learn, and improve.

Mentu's pedagogical principles

At the heart of an effective and transformative approach to education are key principles that guide learning and teaching. These principles, supported by in-depth research and scholarship, offer a holistic view of how learning is developed and nurtured. From a belief in the potential of every learner to the importance of intentional practice, each of these concepts plays a critical role in shaping dynamic and enriching learning environments.

Download the document that contains our pedagogical principles.
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Our approach

Quality: We curate high-quality resources and rely on best educational practices. Always.

Data and Evidence: We use evidence models that allow us to design our educational experiences based on data and research.

Relevance: We select and design our solutions to empower teachers to create personalized and engaging learning experiences for their students.

Accessibility: We think about accessibility throughout our work: we want everyone to have access to quality education.

Safety: Technology has great benefits, but it also has risks. We are committed to the safe use of technology.